Saturday, 23 September 2017
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Terms of Payment

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is a real commitment from Linc Creative to appreciate and protect every user’s private information.

By accessing and using Linc Creative platform, users are considered have read, understand and accepting the terms and conditions regarding the usage of their personal identity.

This privacy policy may change at any time without any further announcement. Linc Creative suggests all users to carefully read and check this privacy policy page as often as possible to perceive any changes. By keep on accessing and using Linc Creative’s services, users are considered will accept any changes that may happen in this privacy policy.

  1. Users are compulsory to make any transactions according to the transaction procedure that has been proved by Linc Creative. Users do the payment by using the method which has been agreed by both party, and then Linc Creative will forward the fund to the provider if the user feels satisfied by the service done.
  2. Linc Creative will not be responsible to any losses or problems caused by transactions made outside of Linc Creative.
  3. Users agree not to tell or handover any proof of payment to other parties besides Linc Creative. If any losses happen caused by this, it is under the users responsibility themselves.

Flow of Payment

  1. After the agreement has been made between provider and user, User have to fill out the payment form on Escrow page.
  2. Users will get the confirmation via email about the order that had been received.
  3. User will transfer to escrow and user have to upload the payment proof to Linc Creative.
  4. If all the payment and ordering process have been done, We will send back the confirmation email about the ordered that will be proceed.

Password reset link will be sent to your email